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What Are WordPress Plug-ins?

  Basically, plug-ins (or plugins) are programs developed to accomplish a specific purpose, and by installing them on your WordPress site you will accomplish your selected  purposes quite easily. These programs are written in PHP scripting language and provide features and services to a WordPress site. Once installed, plugins work to enhance your site ,… Read More »

WordPress – The Only Content Management System With A Bill Of Rights

  Although the following may not mean a great deal to most business owners or individuals who are looking at WordPress to build an inexpensive, easy, good-looking web presence, it’s good information to know, no matter what. Most WordPress users are not techies, but they are busy people who simply desire to look good online… Read More »

Understand and Before Setting Up Your Site

  As an open source blogging platform and content management system, WordPress has become the most popular blogging and website platform, beating out all the competitors because of its many advantages.  WordPress is continually being improved by a huge team of contributors, and at present it offers greater flexibility, and far more customization options than… Read More »

Why Is WordPress The Best Content Management System?

  Content is the subject material you post on the web for your visitors and customers to view. Content is what humans actually read, in contrast to codes that are read by search engines, forming the basis of what humans see and interact with in the form of words and photos.  WordPress  is like a… Read More »