Free WordPress Hosting In The Cloud

By | April 6, 2012

Free WordPress hosting is the perfect compliment to the most user-friendly web platform available. WordPress sites are easy to build and easy to maintain, and those facts have made traditional websites completely unnecessary for businesses and individuals all over the world.

Gone are the days when web designers had to write in code for their somewhat confused clientele. Over and over webmasters would hear, “Isn’t there some way I can build my own website and make changes to it myself?” Years ago, that was a tough question to answer. But now it’s easy, and the simple answer is “WordPress.”

WordPress is literally the one-stop shop for the basic needs of nearly anyone who needs a website now. It is sophisticated enough to provide ecommerce features in order to sell goods and services, and yet it is literally easy enough for a youngster to build and edit. The benefits of a WordPress website are many, but let’s start off with a few things you will not have to deal with any longer if you currently have a traditional website:

1) No big fees for a web developer to set up your site from scratch. And no monthly webmaster fees for maintenance and occasional changes, or extra charges for adding more pages.
2) No need to work from a certain computer to make changes yourself. You can access your WordPress site from any phone, tablet or computer, anywhere you can get online.
3) No communication issues with web developers or webmasters, avoiding the top complaint of most business website owners since the web began.
4) No long delays, waiting for other people who are super busy and don’t have time for your projects. You are in control.
5) No jumbled-up and inconsistent pages that don’t look like they fit together. Everything is neat and orderly.
6) No need to search through pages and pages on search engines to find your site. It ranks higher automatically.

Those are just a few of the hassles you can escape by building your own WordPress site and hosting it in the cloud. Free WordPress hosting is the icing on the cake because you save on hosting fees while avoiding the hassles and issues associated with certain paid hosting companies that are looking to promote their own service at the expense of your business website.

Now let’s turn our attention to the advantages of WordPress and some features it offers you right up-front:

1) Easy posting and editing, along the lines of Microsoft Word. Plenty of tutorials are available on the web at no cost, in the event you need some expert guidance at first.
2) Easy printing to create hard copies of your website for any promotional or educational purposes.
3) Easy communication with readers who can post comments on your site and subscribe to it via RSS feeds.
4) Easy security fixes to make sure your WordPress site is never hacked or compromised in any way.
5) Easy social networking interfaces to keep you in front of your target audience wherever they are.
6) Easy search engine optimization that is virtually automatic as a result of post categories and labels.

This gives you a glimpse of what you won’t have to deal with, and what you will have to look forward to when you get started with your new website and WordPress hosting in the cloud.