Free WordPress Hosting With No Ads

By | April 3, 2012


It is no secret that displays ads on free user sites. While we completely understand the need to find innovative options to monetize a free WordPress hosting but we it appears some users are concerned about the quality of the ads.  Obviously you have no control over the type of ads displayed on your blog so theoretically ads could be displayed for products which you clearly don’t support in your blog.   Of course you can always turn them off – for $30/yr.

Here is the official response…

“From time to time, we display ads on your blog to logged-out users who aren’t regular visitors. Doing this allows us to keep bringing you the free features you love. However, if you’d prefer your readers didn’t see ads, you have the control to turn them off.”

Recently, has announced their partnership with Federated Media to allow users to earn money via ads on their WordPress blogs.