Read This If You Are Wondering Why WordPress Is So Great

By | April 20, 2012

If you have ever dealt with the frustrations caused by working with a web designer who is too busy to take care of you and your website, you will immediately understand why WordPress is so great – because it is simple enough and yet comprehensive enough for most people to build and maintain their own wonderful websites without having to rely on a webmaster at all. That is the #1 reason that WordPress is so great.

Following is a list of twelve more reasons, not in any order of importance, because these reasons are all good. One or more of them may be just the thing you’ve been looking to solve with your own website. If so, keep reading and follow up with a WordPress site of your own.

1) Mobile version of your website is automatic. This is a HUGE advantage because more than half of web views are made on smart phones and digital tablets now. Big computer screens are fading into history, so it’s critical to have a site that can easily be viewed on a small screen.

2) Cost savings on upgrades. High-priced traditional web design software like Dreamweaver, PhotoShop and Flash require more and more investment every time an upgrade is released. WordPress upgrades are FREE.

3) Free or low-cost plugins save money. Thousands of programs, called plugins can be installed on your WordPress site to add special functionality and features. No more paying a programmer to write or install special programs for you, it is already done and available for you to install with about three clicks. Easy!

4) Awesome accessibility. Edit or add to your WordPress site from any computer online, using any web browser, and without installing software or altering firewall settings.

5) Pre-set templates for ease of posting and surfing. Your visitors will love the easy navigation and clear relevance of your WordPress site. Many WordPress templates are free, and some are available at low cost, and they can be changed as often as possible to give your site a fresh look whenever you desire.

6) Ease of social networking . You can automatically integrate your blog posting with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and avoid the time-consuming chore of posting on each separately. This activity also adds fresh content to your WordPress site.

7) Built-in SEO. Every post and page on your WordPress site can be customized for best search positioning. It’s super simple to use tags and highlight the keywords and phrases in each post.

8) Frequent posting is fun. Keeping your WordPress site current is the key to search engine love, and fortunately it’s actually so easy that it’s fun, and that is the key to posting often. Google and other search engine robots are attracted to the fresh posts and often get them indexed in less than an hour.

9) Fresh content attracts repeat visitors. Use of RSS feeds and also subscriptions, emailing and podcasting attract interested readers again and again.

10) Automatic archiving beats article marketing. Your original dated blog posts and the WordPress archiving system offers greater search engine recognition than links from article directories and blog networks.

11) Comments are key. Allowing visitor comments, assuming you moderate or review them in advance is another key to search engine love and higher placement in rankings. Real interaction with real people makes your site doubly popular, meaning with humans and with search engines. That is so important these days, and so easy with WordPress.

12) Comments give you a clue. Watching which blog posts generate reader comments and which do not will automatically provide you with valuable feedback regarding popular topics to cover and expand on in future posts.