What Are WordPress Plug-ins?

By | April 19, 2012

Basically, plug-ins (or plugins) are programs developed to accomplish a specific purpose, and by installing them on your WordPress site you will accomplish your selected  purposes quite easily. These programs are written in PHP scripting language and provide features and services to a WordPress site. Once installed, plugins work to enhance your site , giving it the functionality and uniqueness you desire.

Here is a list of categories to get you started. You can type any of these words into a search bar, following or followed by the word “WordPress,” and any search engine will provide plenty of options.

Admin plugin

Autoblog  plugins

Comments plugins

Download plugins,

Font plugins

JavaScript plugins

Poll plugins

SEO plugins

Social plugins

Counter plugins

Affiliate plugins

Marketing plugins

Video plugins

Ecommerce plugins

Review plugins

Slideshow plugins


This list should give you a good start and set you on the path to finding useful plugins for your own site.  Use of plugins will require your WordPress site to be hosted on your own servers, or on one of serveral managed WordPress hosts currently available, as the free WordPress sites available on WordPress .com will not accommodate most plugins.