Why Is WordPress The Best Content Management System?

By | April 12, 2012

Content is the subject material you post on the web for your visitors and customers to view. Content is what humans actually read, in contrast to codes that are read by search engines, forming the basis of what humans see and interact with in the form of words and photos.  WordPress  is like a slick, smooth-functioning vehicle. You just get in and it takes you where you want to go. You don’t have to know about all the working parts; you  don’t have to wonder or worry about how they work. They just work for you, while you’re accomplishing your goals online.

So, managing content is important because it makes all the difference in the functionality of your presence on the web. You want a platform that makes you look good and makes your visitors really happy because they can find what they want to know, quickly and easily. For you, it’s all about getting your message out in a way that works, and for your visitors it’s all about quick and easy. Fortunately, WordPress has everybody covered.

Technically, WordPress is a blogging platform because your content scrolls forever if that’s what you want it to do. But you can also build stand-alone pages that look and act like static website pages, having a top and a bottom, featuring a specific amount of content on a particular topic.  Honestly, with WordPress as your content management system (CMS) you can literally have it all. The alternatives to WordPress, such as Drupal and Joomla all require semi-professional knowledge of PHP or HTML coding, and that is something that the average business person just trying to set up and maintain a website doesn’t have the time or interest to pursue. If you truly wish to build and manage your web presence without paying a webmaster, you can do it with WordPress. And if you want to delegate some or all of the tasks involved, you can do it most affordably with WordPress.

Another valuable asset that you can count on when you get involved with WordPress is all the other people who are either ahead of you on the learning curve, approximately in the same stage of learning as you are working through, or just getting started. There are a variety of helpful forums where you can interact with other WordPress users and ask your specific questions. Receiving numerous replies to a forum thread is always enlightening, and generally fun and entertaining as well. WordPress forums are social networking at its best because they connect people who have a serious interest in the same topic, and the relevant information and sincere motivation to share with each other.  A big part of the reason that WordPress is the best content management system is all of the people involved in working with it, all over the world. As you get your site set up and running, you, too, will become a valuable asset to others.

So, besides communicating on forums, what do all these people do with WordPress, and why are the people the real assets? WordPress is an Open Source tool, which means that the underlying code is available to the public, not owned and controlled by a private or corporate entity.  And that means thousands of people are working with or playing with WordPress for their own business and personal reasons, and developing new things to make it work better.  Some developers build themes to change the appearance of a WordPress site, and some build applications called plug-ins and widgets, which are two different ways to add features and accomplish specific purposes quickly and easily on your site.


WordPress is without a doubt the best content management system because so many people are contributing so much to make it great.