Wonderful WordPress Features

By | April 27, 2012

If you’re looking for a succinct and coherent list of the features that make WordPress simply wonderful, here it is. It’s hard to imagine how one content management platform could have accumulated so many raving fans in such a short time, but WordPress has an enormous fan base, and growing.

First things first… in the event you’re wondering why WordPress is so popular, bear in mind that it has become the world’s most popular content publishing platform because it works just as well for average businesses and individuals as it does for techie types. You don’t need highly specialized knowledge to post to your WordPress site, one that you or someone else originally built. Many youngsters have learned how to post to WordPress, and that means you can learn, too! All it takes is a basic knowledge of the web and a willingness to step out there and learn a few new things that are very user-friendly.

In reality, WordPress is a blogging platform. That means each post contains a date and that the posts appear in order by date, meaning the most recent post appears first on the page. However, the fact that it’s so easy makes it the ideal content posting system for a website, too.

CMS stands for Content Management System and it is obvious to anyone who has used other systems that WordPress is the easiest and most web-savvy CMS available. You won’t have to retain a webmaster and deal with the inevitable delays caused by other people building or editing your website. Your time and your money are saved and your confidence will skyrocket.

WordPress has been designed and continues to be upgraded to accommodate the many changes to SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. That means your posts and your whole site will attract search engines like a magnet. Attracting search engines will be the most important factor for attracting live, human traffic because it means your site will appear higher on search engine rankings, hopefully on the first page of a user search after a little time goes by.

As though WordPress is not good enough just as it is, these days you can choose from literally thousands of Plugins, which are additional programs that do special things. If you want to add an easy, clickable feature such as local weather or sports stats for your readers to enjoy, just use a plugin to accomplish it. If you want to improve your SEO or add social networking buttons you can do it with plugins.

A list of possibilities would fill up this website, so just feel free to type WordPress Plugins into your search bar and you’ll be astonished at what you find. Most importantly, many plugins are a snap to install because they are just like widgets that drag and drop into WordPress with ease. Some are a little more complicated, but much easier than old-fashioned coding that most people don’t know how to tackle. You’ll never grow tired of the look and functionality of your website because WordPress themes can give you a new look anytime you like. It’s as simple as one or two clicks, and your existing site gets a facelift, or your developing site has one more option from which you can select your favorite. All your content remains the same, meaning no copying and pasting at all. But the way it’s arranged, the font and the color scheme can all change in a heartbeat. And then it can change back if you prefer the original look better.

Best of all the wonderful WordPress features is the fact that it can be downloaded for free, and the additional fact that there’s a huge, active support community to answer your questions when you need help. The price is right and the results are WONDERFUL!