WordPress Beats All The Other Platforms For Simplicity

By | April 30, 2012

WordPress is Easy

Probably the absolute top reason for choosing WordPress is its quick, easy, and simple posting software.  Once you’ve set up your WordPress installation and plugins, which you can get some help with if needed, then you simply log into your admin area and get started posting , meaning writing the interesting things you have to say, the content for your site. Add as much content as you like and then simply post it, and it will appear as the top post on your site immediately. If you want to add photos you can do that at the same time, or go back in and edit it once you have all your copy set.  WordPress is perfect for bloggers and website owners who don’t want to get learn to code or focus on other technical aspects of building a website.

WordPress Uses Templates

WordPress gives you the ability to create templates for different types of pages, a useful feature that allows you to “try on” different looks for your site without disturbing the content at all. Once you add some posts to your site, all you do is edit the template code to see what it looks like with another, or several other templates. Saving your changes will update your site and it will stay that way, unless and until you decide to change the template again. Even if you have dozens and dozens of pages on your site, they will all change instantly.  There will be no reason for you to have to go into each page and make changes manually. The theme feature of WordPress is a time-saver beyond compare!

WordPress Has Add-ons

Actually, they are called plugins, but they are used to add-on special features to your heart’s content. WordPress  is a community effort and many talented people want to get into the act and write code that you can install on your site, so some of that code (called plugins) is available on WordPress.org, some is available free on a variety of other sites, and some is for sale all over the web. Plugins make your site more visually appealing, more functional (you can make it do what you want it to do) and more fun. And, you can add or delete plugins anytime you like. Some are available free of charge from the developers and some are for sale. Even the plugins you pay for are providing far more value than you are going to spend because they save you having to hire a developer and spend thousands of dollars for hand-coding your site.