WordPress Themes For A Personalized Web Presence

By | April 13, 2012

If you have heard about “themes” but didn’t know what they are or how they can be used, now is a good time to learn about them. WordPress describes their themes as a “skin,” or an outer covering that is totally unique to you and your weblog. When you are surfing the web and looking at different sites you might not realized that they are actually the same platform underneath the skin. If you think about automobiles and how they can have the appearance of being completely unique, but all the same parts under the hood and even on the interior are actually the same, then you will have a good way to think about WordPress themes.  Basically, a theme modifies the way the site is displayed, without modifying the underlying software at all.

Just like an automobile can be customized in the factory and also afterwards, when it is owned and personally modified by the customer, both these things can also happen with a WordPress site, too. Some sites have custom themes that are installed by WordPress, and some sites have custom themes that are added by the site owners themselves, or by developers on behalf of the site owner. If this is a little bit confusing, just think back to auto customizations and it will begin to make more sense. We can all picture automobiles in our mind’s eye, and think back to various customized autos we have seen and maybe that we have owned in the past. We wanted a certain look and did whatever it took to achieve that look.  Well, that’s what WordPress does to give users the most possible options for a customized and individualized website appearance.

However, themes are not just about the look and “feel” of a WordPress site. It’s not just what you see when you visit the site and navigate around it that matters. WordPress themes offer customized functionality as well. That means they work differently when different themes are installed. Once again, think about autos with different engines under the hood.  They may look similar on the surface, but they run totally differently due to the type of engine, and they may even burn entirely different fuel, too.  WordPress themes offer users the ability to alter or modify the appearance and functionality of certain parts of a site, making them unique to the particular user and also to the topic.

Let’s say that a husband and wife are running a family business called Leather ‘N Lace, and they are building a website to showcase his saddler y, tack, belts and cowboy boots, and also her tablecloths, draperies and other decorative home furnishings. They have the option of building two separate WordPress sites of course, but they want to draw attention to their retail store in the barn on their ranch where all these items are for sale. They don’t want two separate websites, they want one site that showcases the leather work in a way that works for those products, and the lace and other textiles in a way that works for those entirely different products.  Their needs are not impossible, thanks to the flexibility of WordPress themes.  They can utilize different plug-ins to change the look and feel of the posts and/or pages that feature lacey curtains, giving them a distinctly different look and texture than the leatherwork posts and pages.

The best news of all is that this husband and wife team can choose to delegate the development of their site to a webmaster, or they can sit down and build it themselves. They could even enlist the help of a teenager because posting to WordPress is very simple and fun. Teenagers have a great time helping out with the family business and building their technical, marketable skills as well.  As usual, it’s a consideration of time and interest. Many people are interested in having personal control of their web presence, although others simply don’t have the time or interest. You know what you need for your own purposes, and WordPress is able to accommodate you and anyone you hire to help you get your site up and running.

The reality of marketing on the web has really changed in the last few months, making it super important to have a fresh, timely and up-to-date site in order to get traffic and sales. Many business owners are still suffering from and out-of-date website that was built at a time when a static site, meaning one that didn’t have the capacity to be updated daily, was still the norm.  But now it’s critical to have components that stay fresh automatically, giving search engines and human visitors exactly what they are looking for.  Your personalized web presence is not only important to set yourself and your business out from the crowd, but also to keep the traffic flowing on a regular basis.

WordPress themes can truly turn you into a professional website developer, and in the event you don’t have the time or interest to learn to set up a WordPress  site and maintain it yourself, by using certain themes you can be assured that you are getting the best-looking, best-running,  and ultimately serviceable site possible.  Another powerful and important feature that most busy people are not thinking about is security. If you have ever had your website hacked, or if you have heard horror stories about others who have suffered as a result of malicious attacks on their websites, then you know it is not something to take for granted. WordPress has plug-ins that provide the ultimate in security, so that you can rest assured that your business website is not going to fall prey to theft and mayhem on the part of cyber-criminals.

WordPress gives you the best options for a personalized web presence on a secure platform, which is a real necessity if you are selling products or services and collecting money on the web. Whether you are building a hobby or a business site, check out WordPress themes for the most flexibility at the least cost.